Christmas Stockings Pattern

After staying up past midnight last night cutting out the pieces for the last three Christmas stockings, I had the jump on today’s crafting that I was hoping for.  Not only did I finish the four stockings for our holiday, but I also finished the last sewing project I had for Christmas gifts.  It’s a good thing I’m taking a little break because my hands are torn up from the rotary cutter and straight pins.  It’s nights like tonight I know I am a beginner.

Anyway, check out these stockings!!!!

Four Stockings.jpg

I’m sorry for the quality of the picture.  I was in such a hurry today trying to finish the majority of my projects and doing the shopping, wrapping and baking…..there’s just not enough time for it all.  I didn’t set up for the photo like I wanted to, so I hope to work on a better set of photos down the road.

There are quite a few free sewing patterns for Christmas stockings on Pinterest and that is where I searched first.  I checked out three of them that all stated they were easy and quick.  After reading the three different directions and reviewing the pattern template, I decided to try this wonderful pattern.  The Fabricworm Website has a ton of tutorials for a variety of skill levels and they are all so easy to work with.  I knew right away that my stockings had the best chance for success at my skill level with the great step by step instructions and photos they offered with the pattern template.

What I love about these stockings is that they feel thick just like the ones you order online or buy at the nicer department stores.  It’s an easy pattern to put together with a wonderful template for the stocking and a PDF printout that has all the step by step instructions and photos to help you along.  I had the fabric for the lining and for the stockings outer fabric, but I did not have cotton batting for the pattern.  I didn’t fret about it though, there are some great substitution ideas online from other people much more advanced at sewing, so I read a few ideas online and finally  I settled on the fleece I had in my stash and got busy!

I don’t know if you can tell, but the red stocking was the first one I created.  The green  is the last one I put together.  I can see  my confidence grow with each stocking I made and the fourth one is beautifully put together! Even with the poor lighting, you can see they are both so unique and lovely!!

Red and Green Stockings.jpg

By the third and fourth stockings I didn’t even have to review the PDF notes, I could put it together on my own….now, to be fair, there were some problems I ran into that had nothing to do with the pattern and everything to do with my skill level:

The lighter stocking with the red cuff on it has writing on the fabric.  When I followed the directions that worked perfectly for all the other stockings, I found that for this fabric it created one side that had the writing upside down….I know, I should have thought about it when I made the first cut, but live and learn.  Now I know for the future that if I pick something with writing on it, it will be a bit more tricky than just directional patterned fabrics.

I have to be honest and say that this is probably my favorite sewing project so far!!

I am in love love love with these stockings!  They worked up simply and quickly and they look better than professional…they look personal.   I am going to be sad to pack these away when the holiday is over…..or….maybe I can keep them out a little longer because they deserve a better photo shoot.

If you have a sewing machine I highly recommend you check out the blog at The Fabric Worm.  They have so much to teach, lots of free patterns and downloads and a sister site that sells fabric for a one stop shopping experience.

If you do decide to create Christmas stocking of your own, I would love to see your finished products, so leave me a comment and a photo below.


Just a Peek

Today, I’ve been working hard on the pattern that recently had me off the rails. It’s been frustrating to say the least.

So today I picked out some fabrics I thought would match nicely. I’ve created three attempts on this pattern and all three have been fails…honestly, I’m fighting through frustration to work this pattern correctly.

I’m sure it will be beautiful when I get it right.

Some times I forget that good crafting requires you slow down…be patient and accept imperfections for the beauty they can create.

Anyway, here’s a peek at the fabric I’m working with…all of these squares came from other nice projects I made for family.

I didn’t post yesterday because I had to take a “sick” day. I definitely had too much spirit 🎄🎉 at the Christmas party on Wednesday night. It seriously took me a whole 24 hours to feel normal again…I’m a light weight and clearly not in my 20’s anymore. It was worth it to spend some time with friends.

If you’re working on any patterns or projects that are frustrating you, please share. I’d love to hear your story.


Shop Opening!!

I’m sorry that my postings have been sporadic as of late.  It wasn’t my plan to not write about my creations for three weeks, time just got away from me.  I wish I could say it was because our family was off on vacation at a tropical beach soaking up the sun and melting away the stress, but no…’s just been hard learning to balance new responsibilities and having school out.

I have been working on a number of creations that I have given out to friends and family to “test” for me.  It’s been fun and sometimes frustrating since I’ve been working on some new crochet patterns AND I’m learning to sew!  The patterns have been beginner level works that come together fairly quickly.  The frustration is working a pattern and realizing I have sewn the pieces together wrong…….it has happened more often than I would like to admit.

On the plus side, I have taken some time out to work on the technology side of running a blog and web-based business.  Even with pre-designed templates and the help of Hubs, who knows soooo much more about computers than I do, it was a challenge.  I’m still working on a number of listings to add to the store page, more photos and descriptions; but it is coming along nicely.  I don’t know if I would go as far as saying “Grand Opening!”, but I like the general direction it’s going and I’m looking forward to adding those important touches that set Knot Your Way apart from other fiber artist creations.

I currently have three items listed.  It’s just the beginning though… many more are coming.  A few more crochet items will be listed as well as a whole lot of sewn items when I am confident in my skills.  I even have plans to write my own patterns!!

If you would like to check out the store while it’s still under construction, please stop by!  I would love your feedback on the way things are looking and any products you would like to see featured.  Don’t forget to bookmark my store page so you can find me again easily!

Next week I will be blogging about some of the sewing patterns I have been working on and links where you can find the patterns to make for yourself.  In the meantime, here is a sneak peek of some of my new creations…..

These contoured burpies are a feature item in a Baby Couture line for KYW.   I’ve just started the work on this line and I can’t wait to tell you all about it.


Talk about useful…… have I lived all these years with earphones and no case????  Well, problem solved with this adorable zipper pouch pattern that is made to fit on your key ring!!!!!  I’ll be sharing this free pattern soon too!

Earphone Pouch.jpg

This is the beginning of a sewing machine cover….I came up with the design myself and it’s so functional and easy to take on and off.  It’s prettier too than the original cover that came with my machine.  I’ll tell you how I put it all together in an upcoming post.


Stick around!  I’m so excited to share these projects and a few more I’ve completed over the last few weeks.  Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook and Pinterest and subscribe to my blogs for all the latest patterns, creations, and useful tips.