Is That Another Rug Pattern????

It’s that time in the winter season….you know, when leaving the warmth of your bed is only tolerable because there is hot coffee. As I shuffle my way to the kitchen, I can feel the chill settle in my bones. I know how blessed we are to have good heat in the home; but that doesn’t stop me from checking the temperature about 15 times a day. I’m just sure that it’s 40 degrees in here!

Cabin fever is real my friends and I have it bad!!

If you are anything like me then you have a to-do list that is unreasonably long, rooms that you continue to walk by and continue ignoring even though it needs a cleaning and you have at least six crafting projects unfinished. I should add that I have no real interest in doing any thing…..except maybe napping…I feel like Garfield.

Garfield the cat

I should get moving. I mean, I still have Christmas stuff up in Gracie’s room and I have done little more than vacuum and spray air freshener in there since Christmas Day! Seriously! I clean the floor, grab the dirty clothes, spray the air and back out slowly. I usually mutter under my breath, “Jimmy Cracked Corn!”

Well, the door is closed, so I can pretend it’s clean and pick a craft project to work on for today….just for today though, tomorrow I’ll clean ūüėČ

If you are following along, you know that my current obsession is crochet. I have to decide whether to finish a current project or start a new one…it’s all about priorities.

The project I grabbed this morning and started stitching on was not a chunky blanket, but another rug….I know; but my feet are cold and that makes me think about the floor. Besides, who can’t use more rugs???? It is a work in early progress, so I will show a little now and share my pattern when it’s all finished.

Pink and Purple Rug.jpg

The lovely rugs I made and talked about in my Stay-cation post are great, but since I didn’t follow the second pattern exactly, I did have some issues. It wasn’t sturdy enough worked with three strands. It’s too big and needs the stiffness the extra strands will give it.

Because I only used three strands I also had trouble getting the circle to lie flat. I added the shell border on my own with the hope that would weigh it down. It did, but the rug didn’t hold up well to high traffic….or light traffic for that matter.

So, that rug got a good wash and is now a circle throw for the couch. It looks good there and it’s less frustrating on the couch versus the floor. Moral of this one is if you want a rug, follow her pattern….please. If you want a cute throw for the house, three strands and a cute border should make a perfect piece.

If I am going to do a quick rug review before I get back to what I’m working on today; then I have to take a minute and talk about the Pom-Pom Rug I made just after Christmas. I had such high hopes for this one. I loved how colorful it was and how much of my yarn stash it ate up. As I predicted, the pom-poms have been pulling apart and the frayed yarn ends up all over the floor. I made this one with all acrylic yarn of various weights and it’s a fail….as a rug. It might be beautiful as a tapestry though.

I haven’t tossed the idea of pom-pom rugs out the window, though. I have been gathering cotton yarn and creating new poms of all different colors. When one of the craft stores has cotton yarn on sale, I will grab some. I only have a small handful of poms now, not nearly enough to start a rug. For now, that idea sits in the unfinished piles.

It’s time to make another hot cup of coffee, get back to working on this new rug and show-hole Season 6 of Catfish. I hope what ever you are working on today turns out amazing! Come back tomorrow and I’ll tell you all about Gracie’s new rug…..and then I’ll stop obsessing over making rugs…..probably.


Mom’s Birthday Present


A few weeks ago I was working on a project for my Mom’s Birthday.¬† I shared as much of the information in this¬†post¬†as I could at the time and well, she opened her gift and she likes them!!! What did I make?¬† Hexi-Coasters!!!

Wanna see?

Hex Coasters Finished

Adorable, right?!?

I think they turned out really cute for a first try with hexagons, but let me tell you…it was not an easy pattern to work.¬† There is a lot of cutting and ironing and shaping and pinning and holding while sewing….Whew!¬† Most patterns I have worked I can finish in a few hours…..maybe a day.¬† This one took me a day of planning and ironing, a second day of cutting and pinning together and a third day (a few hours) to sew together, turn and iron again.

It felt like a lot to handle at the time, but I would bet this was not a beginner sewing pattern.¬† I’m a beginner though and I think they turned out well after I calmed down and focused.¬† Be prepared if you want to make these, they take patience.

Hex Coasters 1.jpg

Here is the¬†link to the pattern I worked with for this project.¬† The template for the hexagon¬†here¬†has two sizes.¬† This patterns requires the larger of the two.¬† You can also purchase the plastic templates at any crafting store along with some retailers like Walmart and Target…if they have them in the crafting sections.

Busy As Can Be¬†offers great photos with some good instructions to help along the way.¬† I couldn’t have done it without the inspiration or her helpful tutorial!¬† As with my other patterns, she was gracious enough to share for FREE!

It’s mid-January and if you are looking for a project that is a really great scrap buster, this pattern is a great choice.¬† It was a bit difficult for me, but this entire project was new for me from beginning to end.¬† If you have skill, then this should be a quick and easy project just like it’s described in the¬†free pattern.

If you do make a set for yourself or someone you love, share your photos with me.  I would love to see your results.




It has been days since I last posted.  My only excuse is that I took a little impromptu stay-cation thanks to the subzero temperatures and a blizzard that landed in South Jersey last week.

The benefit to a stay-cation and a lack of writing is that I began AND finished another beautiful rug and I have photos and links to this wonderful pattern as well!¬† So, you get two patterns for the wait ūüôā

Last week I left off with a blizzard bearing down on us and three new cones of cotton yarn to create something with.


In this photo you can see not only the cones I am using, but the lovely swirl stitched rug I already completed.

Let’s start with the small aqua colored rug I worked last week….

Granny Stitch Mandala Rug.jpg

This picture shows the size of the rug really well, but not the color.¬† I didn’t notice the color saturation until after I got started with this post.¬† The color that is just a peek in the first picture is the true aqua color of the rug.¬† It’s my favorite color right now.¬† I just love how cheerful this color makes any room.

So, last summer I bought some of the Bernat’s Home Decor yarn and made a lovely¬†tote bag out of it.¬† As I normally do, I bought about 2 skeins too many for the project so I would have more to create something else with.

In case you haven’t worked with this yarn before, let me tell you what you are missing out on.¬† This yarn is made from jersey cotton which makes it soft and stretchy and the tubular shape makes it simple to work with.¬† Because the yarn is bulky, you can count on your project to work up quickly (the rug took me under two days to complete) and the material guarantees that it will handle well in the washer and to normal wear and tear.

As with all my patterns, I found this one for free!¬† It’s an easy pattern that is not only understandable, but comes with wonderful picture tutorials and help along the way if you should need it.¬† You can find the pattern¬†here.

I followed the pattern exactly.¬† My rug is 25 1/2″ in circumference.¬† It lays flat and it is such a cute accent rug next to my side of the bed.¬† I plan to look for some more Bernat colors to work more of these rugs up and possible sell them at craft shows….or maybe I’ll just make a couple more for myself ūüôā

On Thursday, as the blizzard closed in on us, it was time to find a rug pattern to use with the cone’s of Peaches & Creme cotton yarn I bought.¬† I went with “Panorama” because the base of the color is neutral and it has little splashes of pastel colors in it.

For the rug I decided on, the pattern called for 6 strands of yarn to be worked at one time.¬† The creator of the pattern used 28 balls of Peaches & Creme yarn to make her rug!¬† I could have broken up the cones and created 6 strings to work with, but I didn’t really want to hassle with it.¬† I figured worst case scenario I would just pull the stitches and start over with another pattern.

Luckily, I didn’t have to do that.¬† This pattern was super easy to work up.¬† It did take me 3 days to finish, but I set it down a few times to watch Netflix with the family and to do some baking; so I guess I will say that it works up in a “few” days.

Even if it takes you a week to do, it’s so worth it!¬† It’s so pretty and feminine!!!

Daisy Rug

Now, it’s not unusual for me to take a pattern and change it up a little to either fit with the yarn I have on hand.¬† For this rug, I wanted it to be as large as I could make it while still working within the constraints of only having three strands of yarn.¬† So, first things first, the pattern….

You can find the pattern¬†here.¬† Yarnspirations¬†is such a great resource to find patterns and a community of other crafters.¬† If you haven’t checked out this site, I highly recommend you do.¬† I get so many great ideas just browsing around!

Alright, now you have the link and you can see the beautiful pink rug that inspired me to make this one!  So, this pattern calls for a P Hook with 6 strands of yarn worked at the same time.  I only have three cones, but I wanted my rug big, so I started with the P Hook, too.

Nope, that was too loose of a stitch pattern for a rug.¬† Remember, they are suppose to be tight stitches on a rug……so I brought my hook down to an M Hook and it worked up nice and tight, but without the stitches being a struggle to work with.

I worked the pattern exactly as it’s written.¬† When I finished the last row around the rug, I fastened off and weaved in the ends.¬† I tossed it on the floor and…..I liked it.¬† I wasn’t in love with it.¬† It needed something more.

It needed a thick border on it to keep it laying flat (I work with loose stitches generally).  It just seemed unfinished.  So I grabbed my phone and surfed Pinterest for crochet edging and borders that could work.

I decided to do a shell stitch since it ‘s heavy and it leaves a ruffled edge that works well with the flower pattern.

To do the shell stitch, don’t fasten off after you make the last sl st of the pattern given, work the slip stitch and then chain one.¬† *SC into the same stitch, skip the next stitch, DC 5 times in the next sc, skip the next sc, SC in the next stitch.*¬† Repeat the pattern all the way around the rug and fasten off.

It’s really cute and easy to make.¬† The rug I completed measured 54″ in circumference which is just 4″ shy of the finished rug in the pattern, so not too bad at all for a first try.

I placed the rug in Gracie’s room because kids are a great tester for the durability of all things homemade!

I hope you decide to make one of these rugs.  They just add such a nice pop of color to the room!

Happy Hooking!

Out With The Old

Before the day completely gets away from me, I wanted to stop by and wish everyone a safe and Happy New Year!!!  I hope you have plans to be with family and friends over the next couple of days.  One of my favorite things about New Years Day is my husband making wings for us to munch on while we watch all the football games.  It takes him hours to get a big tray of them done, but boy are they worth it!!

On that note, I will be heading out soon for the grocery store (and the liquor store) to prepare for tomorrow.¬† I wish it wasn’t so darn cold outside.¬† The sun is shining, but it’s deceiving….the temperatures might be out of the teens by now, but I doubt it.¬† I’ll resort to extra layers today and consider myself blessed that I can keep my hair a mess and throw it in a messy bun hat.

Since I am printing a master copy of my pantry list, grocery store list, and weekly meal planner today, I decided I will share those links with you so you can print them out.¬† It’s so helpful to grocery shop with a plan….especially when there are young children helping you shop.

Anyway, here is to keeping it all together in the New Year!¬† See you in 2018 ūüôā

Grocery Shopping List-¬†All Out Of….from Life In Yellow

Pantry Essentials List-  Pantry Essentials by Moms Bistro

Meal Planning Weekly Sheet-¬†¬†What’s For Dinner by Baked Bree


Recipe Card (full sheet):  Red Recipe Card by Printables by Design

Bracelets You Can Make In Under An Hour

Yesterday afternoon Hubs and I loaded Gracie in the car and traveled north to fight with other mall shoppers and exchanged a few gifts.¬† There wasn’t as big of a crowd as we had anticipated, so we finished up shopping quickly and headed out for a nice bite to eat at our favorite Pho restaurant.¬† ¬†On the way home the NJDOT had updated the highway boards to warn of the winter storm that would be passing through the area in the next 24 hours.

I didn’t panic over bread or milk, I panicked over the thought of not having a project to do or the ability to get to a craft store to get a project going again!¬† So, with as little stress in my voice as possible, I asked Hubs if he would make a stop before home at our local Wal-Mart and I would head into the craft section and brainstorm something to work on during a snowy day.

My mind kept going back to a pattern I rediscovered while organizing my bookmarks this past week.¬† It’s for a lovely white triangle shawl that is made with cotton thread instead of yarn.¬† I knew I could find the size #10 thread I would need, even if I could only choose between three colors….so, white it is.¬† I will, of course, keep you posted on the progress once I really dig into it.

After I grabbed two spools of thread to start the project I couldn’t help but check out the jewelry section and grab some copper wire to play around with when I got tired of working on this shawl…..maybe I could twist some semi-precious rocks for my necklaces, or a ring….I’ll have to figure out where my skill set lies before I get too excited.

In the meantime, I still have some beading and elastic cording saved from before Christmas and that’s the craft I wanted to share today.¬† The supplies for this craft are simple and you can decide how budget friendly you want it to be with your choice of beading.¬† I think for these bracelets, I probably spent around $15 for everything.

Beads for Bracelet.jpg

So, here’s what you will need:

.08mm elastic cording (or equivalent to slide your beads on)

Beads or charms of your choice (enough to make at least one 7″ to 9″ bracelet) For this project I used lava beads, quartz beads and red jasper (I think).¬† I grabbed a box of mixed wood beads, too!


A little dab of super glue (or crafters glue)

* For a woman’s bracelet- measure the wrist if you are able…if not, measure it approximately 10″ (8″ for the beading and 2″ for securing).¬† The average man’s bracelet should measure at 10″-11″ finished.

Here is where you can learn to do a¬†surgeon’s knot.¬† This is how you will secure the bracelet.

Ready????¬† Then you will need to decide how you want your bracelet to look and begin stringing the beads onto the elastic cording….I suggest leaving it on the roll while doing this so the beads don’t slide off the other side.

When your bracelet is the size you need, then cut the elastic from the roll leaving a few inches to work with for tying.

Tie your two ends together using a surgeon’s knot.¬† Now, do a second surgeon’s knot and tug the ends tight again. Trim the ends down.¬† Dab the two knots with some super glue and let it dry.¬† Slide a bead over the knot and cover it and viola!!!¬† All done!¬† It’s gonna look great and last for a long time.

Check out the bracelets I made from these beads and a few I had left over from previous craft projects….they are really divine!

Finished Wood Bracelets.jpg

It seriously took me about an hour and a half to complete all of these.¬† I wear most of them everyday….they make me happy.¬† I can add essential oils to the lava beads on the bracelets for mood elevation, so that’s good for my anxiety.

These are so easy and so gratifying to make.¬† I encourage you to head to the craft store and pick out some of your favorite beads….you could have a beautiful statement piece for your jewelry collection before the day is out.

If you do make one (or several like I do), I would love to see your finished projects.  Any questions?  Need some help with it, leave me a comment.  I would love to hear from you.

As always,

Happy Hooking!


How I Was Able to Organize My Crafting Blog in One Day

At the end of every year this sense of urgency comes over me to get organized before January.  In years past, I would walk my home and make a note of all the things I put off the previous twelve months that have now created little pockets of clutter seemingly every where.  This year I am purposely ignoring the house mess to focus on the blog mess first.

There have been a lot of starts and stops with Knot Your Way in 2017.¬† When I published my first post there were goals I had that are much different than the goals I am ending the year on.¬† Now, I admit when I began my blog I didn’t have a defined direction.¬† As time has passed and I have shared patterns and projects both here and through my other blog¬†Notions & Necessities,¬† I can see that both are in desperate need of some attention and focus…maybe even some consolidation.

Last week I spent a whole day online searching for forms to help me tame this beast and let me say I could not be more grateful for the people who put the work into the forms they offered for free!!!

My biggest find by far was the Ultimate Blog Planner Kit 2018!!  Finding this 15 page FREE printable was such a relief! Designer Blogs clearly worked hard on this comprehensive kit and it was so easy to download and print that I signed up for their newsletters.  I love the kit and I hope they have more of this awesomeness in 2018!  If you are considering starting a blog or need to organize a current blog, I highly recommend checking out Designer Blogs.

Once I had a bank of forms I could use to get the blog organized, I now had to address the issues surrounding the crafts I create.¬† At first I didn’t think it would be a daunting task, but since I have been crafting for over 20 years with no real system of record…..well, it’s daunting to say the least.¬† Nevertheless, I am tackling this project with the resolve to get it all together from material and supplies to patterns and posts.

The easiest way for me to share the information that I gathered and found incredibly useful is to just list them out for you.  Whether you are crafting, blogging, or just trying to organize your personal space; these free printables are so helpful!

Free Printables for Staying Organized

Pattern Cards – found at¬†Isn’t That Sew.¬† The pattern card is for sewing projects.¬† I love that it has a place to sketch or paste a finished photo on.¬† I will be attaching these to each sewing pattern.

Binder Covers– I have 6 different binders I will be using to sort my chaos and I would love to have beautiful binder covers….I found a real gem at¬†Home School Giveaways¬†when I came across a post from August 2015 for some very colorful AND editable covers with pretty spine cutouts too!!!

Monthly Calendars 2017РI need to do some back tracking with postings from this year.  Luckily, I found colorfully bordered monthly calendars for 2017 at Short Stop Designs.  I put these to work right away and I love the color theme.  It makes me want to get the months in order!

WIP Cards– I found the perfect work in progress forms for my needs at¬†Frogging Along.¬† More than one WIP card prints on a page, so I get more cards for less printer ink AND all the information I need to have is right there on the form.¬† Another time saver for me ūüôā

Hooker’s Journal–¬†The Crochet Crowd¬†has a free Hooker’s Journal.¬† I downloaded the whole kit and I have added the Reference Page, Notes, and Monthly Challenges into my 2018 organizational tools.¬† The kit is very comprehensive and has a number of useful pages.

Project Details Form– I found a very simple but very useful form at¬†Craft Diaries.¬† I actually love the spacing on the form and the fact that there is a lot of room for notes.¬† I will be using this form with every project I work on so I can track it’s origin.

Blog Post Planner (with & without lists)- This form was a real gem I found just this morning.  It was clear from the post and the forms themselves that Anderson and Grant put a lot of work into this.  Since I am still learning about the networking aspects of blogging, I am so grateful for this!

So, that’s what I have so far in the organization department.¬† I love all these tools and I am incredibly grateful to the people who not only put these forms together, but then offered them for FREE!¬† Trying to do all the work to create forms for myself would have been a very long task.¬† Using the links above, I have a good grasp on my system of postings and crafting from here on forward and it only took me a day to get it all situated.

I have a system in place that allows me the ability to highlight patterns I have worked in the past as well as current ideas for projects.¬† Things are put together in a way that is understandable and requires minimal paper pushing.¬† That’s always a good thing.

Are you currently working on an organizational project?¬† I would love to hear about your methods and what works best for you.¬† It doesn’t just have to be about fiber crafting either….I need to organize my kids, appointments, the family schedule, meals, shopping….you name it.

A Finished Rug

Yesterday I shared the how-to information for putting a Pom-Pom Rug together and in the post I said it would probably take me a couple of days to finish.¬† When I started to put the rug together it was so adorable that I couldn’t wait to see the end product so I just kept at it until I finished it about half an hour ago.

It’s really so adorable!¬† Look at all the colors…..

Pom Pom Rug Finished.jpg

When I said this was a scrap buster project, I was not kidding!!!¬† I have two skeins of yarn left from my Caron’s Simply Soft collection and only 2 or 3 skeins of specialty yarns.¬† I didn’t use the expensive stuff to work this project because the poms unfortunately won’t last forever.¬† I have a plan to make them last as long as possible, but poms are fragile.

The poms are basically yarn that is cut to a specific length that is wrapped with another piece of yarn.  The smaller cut pieces will work themselves out of the yarn that ties them eventually and if one or two too many start to come out, the whole pom is compromised because the knot is no longer tight enough.

Knowing that they will require some special handling, I would just caution that as you work your project, leave a little room at the edges…the squares you tie your pom to seem to be a bit weaker around the edges of the piece and I had a few pop off after I had attached them.

After the piece is done and you are enjoying your rug in your space, when (not if, but when) you see long pieces of yarn sticking up please avoid pulling the strand out and take the time to find scissors to trim the length.

Finally, you can’t machine wash this rug.¬† It would be best to spot clean it and Febreeze it until the rug has worn out.¬† If that isn’t a possibility, you will have to hand wash the rug and hang it to dry.¬† Any other attempts to clean it will probably ruin the integrity of the piece.

Here are a few more shots of the rug and it’s progression to completion.¬† I hope you will take the time to make one for your house.¬† It looks so precious in Gracie’s room at the foot of her bed!¬† Depending on your color combinations, you could put this in any room or even on the deck if you want!¬† Check mine out and then make one of your own and send me pictures.¬† If you have experience making poms or pom rugs and have pointers, I’d love to hear.


As always…

Happy Hooking!