Japanese Knot Bag Pattern #3

Since last week I have been working hard to make a decent inventory of Knotty Jewelry.  I’ve learned several macrame knots and how to connect beads to create some lovely pieces.  I will post more about the bracelets (what I’ve made the most) as well as tutorials and photos soon.  I’ve been delaying the post because I don’t have a great way to display the jewelry yet.  I’m researching some DIY displays, so maybe next week I can post something about the jewelry.

In the meantime, I wanted to do a follow-up post to the Japanese Knot Bag postings from a few weeks back.  If you remember, I posted a lovely small bag with a pattern and then a medium sized bag with a wonderful pattern.  You can find the original two patterns here and here.

Let me start this with the disclaimer that I am a beginner at sewing.  This is the third JKB that I have made and each one was easier than the one before.  I say this because both of the links to the free patterns I used were very informative and helpful….so, if you know what you are doing, either pattern will probably make the perfect bag for you.

The first two bags were kept uniform with the same material pattern around the entire bag.  Since I was branching out on my own with this bag in particular, I purposely used two fat quarters with similar patterns but different color shades.  I also did not use a fleece liner but kept it cotton fabric.  It keeps the bag lighter for turning and doesn’t affect it’s usefulness in the least.

To start, you will need to cut the pattern found in this post.  I love the round bottom on the pattern.  It gives the bag shape so when I set it on a table, it doesn’t fall over!

Alright, let’s talk about assembly now because I use this post for the instructions on how to put the pieces together.  It starts with joining the seams of the pieces together following the instructions.

JKB #3 Together and Turned

This is what my bag looks like at this stage.  I have the lining of the bag sewn to the two outside pieces and the seam follows the side and across the “U” of the bag.

Now it is time to pin and sew the bottom to the piece.  There is one circle for the interior of the bag and one for the outside.  I just picked the material I had more of, so the bottom of my bag matches the panel on the left in the photo.

Let’s start pinning.

JKB #3 Pinning Bottom 2

JKB #3 Pinning Bottom Other Side

Now you should have the right sides pinned together for the lining to be completed and another for the outside panels.  Sew the bottoms on with 1/2″ seam allowance.  Tuck the liner into the outside piece and follow the final assembly instructions.

After a nice press, this is my finished piece:

JKB #3 Finished Piece Side B

I love this bag!!!  I use it as my main purse.  The size of this bag holds just enough of my essentials I can run errands with it AND when you secure the top, you can place the whole bag inside a larger bag and not have to worry about combining purses for bigger days out.  Let’s not forget the best part about the Japanese Knot Bag is the ability to be hands free while keeping your items securely in your grasp.

I hope you love all three of the bags I created using this pattern or combination of patterns.  I expect I will be making more of these to add to my craft fair inventory….and more for me!!

Make one for yourself.  I promise you won’t regret it!



Knotty Jewelry

That is a great name for the collection of jewelry pieces I’ve been designing since last week.  It all started with learning how to make the half square knot and creating some cool accent pieces for my beaded elastic bracelets….and now, I don’t know that it is an “obsession”, but as I am working a bracelet or anklet, I’m already thinking of the next one I can make!

There are so many inspirational photographs online and so many free tutorials it is easy to get swept away.   Look how pretty this beginner anklet is I made for myself:

Blue Bead Anklet KJ.jpg

I haven’t taken it off since I finished making it and it’s holding up beautifully and wearing very comfortably!  I just love it!

Once I broke out the seed beads….well….I’ve made two trips out for more colors of both seed beads and cording to work with; as well as buying a few things that will make working the bracelets up faster and easier.

This morning I am working on this pattern for bracelets and anklets…

Teal with Silver Beads KJ.jpg

The possibilities are endless for this pretty little piece.  The picture shows Red Heart Thread in Aqua #10.  The silver beads came in a multi-pack of beads I bought from Wal-Mart.

This is my favorite combination so far.  I’m making a bracelet now, but I will be making an anklet size for these as well.  When I have finished a few more of them, I will come back and share the free tutorials I used and a good list of supplies.

I’m going to get back to working on more pieces.  I have plans to make these two patterns in particular and add them to my booth when I sign up for a few craft fairs this coming summer.  Plus, I’m feeling crafty, so it is time to get back to it.

Happy Hooking!


Twisted Knot Jewelry

Yesterday I made a run to the local dollar store in order to find all the last minute things I would need for creating an allowance system/chore chart for Gracie.  I’m putting the finishing touches on it today and getting it set up for her to use starting next week.  I will share all of my printables with photos in a few weeks.  I want to see what we find useful and what we don’t.

In the meantime, I spent most of yesterday learning a bit of macrame!  I had no idea how satisfying creating knots could be!!!

Seriously, I love the stuff I created!  Check these out….

Half Knot Bracelet.jpg

I loved the bracelet so much I made an anklet….

Half Knot Anklet

If you want to make one, you probably have what you need on hand.  It does take some time to complete, but if you get started now, you could have one before the end of the day!

I used Lion Brand Yarn 24/7 Cotton in Aqua and Burgundy.  You could also use cotton twine, hemp, leather cording, or baker’s twine.  Just make sure it is a tough thread for durability.

You will need a clipboard or something to hold it tight for you and a pencil or similar to wrap the loops of thread around at the beginning.

Do you know how to create a half square knot?  Well, I didn’t either, so I had to find a tutorial.  This video from Wool and the Gang was the most helpful.  I don’t have a background in macrame or creating knots for any other reason, so it took me a bit to get the hang of it.

I watched this video just to see how to finish the bracelet.  There are some great ideas online for ways to close these bracelets, so I guess it is up to your personal taste.  I wanted to wear mine long term, so I created a large knot on the finished end so it would fit through the loops on the beginning end of the bracelet.  For the anklet, I just tied the two ends together and snipped the ends leaving enough to fray with wear.

I have a sizing chart for both men and women’s jewelry measurements on my Pinterest board in case you are making one for someone else.  If it’s for you, measure it for a perfect fit.

I’m going to make a few more of these and learn some different knot patterns to create some other pieces.  I’ve been interested in using charms for the bracelets and small bells for an anklet.  If I get brave enough, I might even try to make a plant hanger or a boho wall hanging.

If you have an interest in working with macrame, this is a great place to start.  The investment is minimal and the reward is new jewelry!!



Is That Another Rug Pattern????

It’s that time in the winter season….you know, when leaving the warmth of your bed is only tolerable because there is hot coffee. As I shuffle my way to the kitchen, I can feel the chill settle in my bones. I know how blessed we are to have good heat in the home; but that doesn’t stop me from checking the temperature about 15 times a day. I’m just sure that it’s 40 degrees in here!

Cabin fever is real my friends and I have it bad!!

If you are anything like me then you have a to-do list that is unreasonably long, rooms that you continue to walk by and continue ignoring even though it needs a cleaning and you have at least six crafting projects unfinished. I should add that I have no real interest in doing any thing…..except maybe napping…I feel like Garfield.

Garfield the cat

I should get moving. I mean, I still have Christmas stuff up in Gracie’s room and I have done little more than vacuum and spray air freshener in there since Christmas Day! Seriously! I clean the floor, grab the dirty clothes, spray the air and back out slowly. I usually mutter under my breath, “Jimmy Cracked Corn!”

Well, the door is closed, so I can pretend it’s clean and pick a craft project to work on for today….just for today though, tomorrow I’ll clean 😉

If you are following along, you know that my current obsession is crochet. I have to decide whether to finish a current project or start a new one…it’s all about priorities.

The project I grabbed this morning and started stitching on was not a chunky blanket, but another rug….I know; but my feet are cold and that makes me think about the floor. Besides, who can’t use more rugs???? It is a work in early progress, so I will show a little now and share my pattern when it’s all finished.

Pink and Purple Rug.jpg

The lovely rugs I made and talked about in my Stay-cation post are great, but since I didn’t follow the second pattern exactly, I did have some issues. It wasn’t sturdy enough worked with three strands. It’s too big and needs the stiffness the extra strands will give it.

Because I only used three strands I also had trouble getting the circle to lie flat. I added the shell border on my own with the hope that would weigh it down. It did, but the rug didn’t hold up well to high traffic….or light traffic for that matter.

So, that rug got a good wash and is now a circle throw for the couch. It looks good there and it’s less frustrating on the couch versus the floor. Moral of this one is if you want a rug, follow her pattern….please. If you want a cute throw for the house, three strands and a cute border should make a perfect piece.

If I am going to do a quick rug review before I get back to what I’m working on today; then I have to take a minute and talk about the Pom-Pom Rug I made just after Christmas. I had such high hopes for this one. I loved how colorful it was and how much of my yarn stash it ate up. As I predicted, the pom-poms have been pulling apart and the frayed yarn ends up all over the floor. I made this one with all acrylic yarn of various weights and it’s a fail….as a rug. It might be beautiful as a tapestry though.

I haven’t tossed the idea of pom-pom rugs out the window, though. I have been gathering cotton yarn and creating new poms of all different colors. When one of the craft stores has cotton yarn on sale, I will grab some. I only have a small handful of poms now, not nearly enough to start a rug. For now, that idea sits in the unfinished piles.

It’s time to make another hot cup of coffee, get back to working on this new rug and show-hole Season 6 of Catfish. I hope what ever you are working on today turns out amazing! Come back tomorrow and I’ll tell you all about Gracie’s new rug…..and then I’ll stop obsessing over making rugs…..probably.

Mom’s Birthday Present


A few weeks ago I was working on a project for my Mom’s Birthday.  I shared as much of the information in this post as I could at the time and well, she opened her gift and she likes them!!! What did I make?  Hexi-Coasters!!!

Wanna see?

Hex Coasters Finished

Adorable, right?!?

I think they turned out really cute for a first try with hexagons, but let me tell you…it was not an easy pattern to work.  There is a lot of cutting and ironing and shaping and pinning and holding while sewing….Whew!  Most patterns I have worked I can finish in a few hours…..maybe a day.  This one took me a day of planning and ironing, a second day of cutting and pinning together and a third day (a few hours) to sew together, turn and iron again.

It felt like a lot to handle at the time, but I would bet this was not a beginner sewing pattern.  I’m a beginner though and I think they turned out well after I calmed down and focused.  Be prepared if you want to make these, they take patience.

Hex Coasters 1.jpg

Here is the link to the pattern I worked with for this project.  The template for the hexagon here has two sizes.  This patterns requires the larger of the two.  You can also purchase the plastic templates at any crafting store along with some retailers like Walmart and Target…if they have them in the crafting sections.

Busy As Can Be offers great photos with some good instructions to help along the way.  I couldn’t have done it without the inspiration or her helpful tutorial!  As with my other patterns, she was gracious enough to share for FREE!

It’s mid-January and if you are looking for a project that is a really great scrap buster, this pattern is a great choice.  It was a bit difficult for me, but this entire project was new for me from beginning to end.  If you have skill, then this should be a quick and easy project just like it’s described in the free pattern.

If you do make a set for yourself or someone you love, share your photos with me.  I would love to see your results.



A Pretty Pinky Ring

A few weeks ago I started pinning some free patterns and links to crochet jewelry with the intention of finding something to do with my bead stash.  I did find some wonderful ideas, but as is typical with me…..I got distracted.  You can check out some of my crochet jewelry pins here.  I have 35 pins on the board, so that is 35 new pieces of jewelry to explore!!

Now, I said I got distracted and I will tell you why…there is a bit of a crossover between crocheting with fiber and crocheting with thin wire…who knew?!?  Clearly, I did not and I was delightfully surprised to see such pretty work with wire!  I started pinning more ideas but since they didn’t 100% relate to the crochet jewelry board, I began a new one just called Jewelry Making.  I might have gone a bit crazy with the pins because I have over 50 on this board…..it is just beautiful stuff and I am so inspired!!

When I went to the craft store a few weeks back I grabbed some copper jewelry wire in a light copper color (16 ga) and also in silver (20 ga).  I didn’t have any real plan in mind, but I knew most of my board pins involved wire………and that my friends is how my creative process works.  Buy the pretty now and figure out what to do with it later.  It’s okay, it’s fun to just create….whether it’s a fail on my part or something great.

I didn’t mean to make a rhyme…..but now it’s stuck in my head like something from a Dr. Seuss book.

Did I mention I get distracted?


I’m so excited to get started that I jump right to one of the beautiful pins I have ready to go……

and I quickly realize that I have no idea what I’m doing.  I don’t even have all the right tools I will need to make this lovely piece.

Back to the boards we go.

Then I find something that is both appealing to me and seems like an easy beginner project to try.  I think you will love it too.

It’s a beautiful and simple infinity ring.  This video gives step by step directions and includes a list of supplies you will need to create one.

I did have some of the tools and wire, but I did not have all the tools nor the right wire gauge.  I made the prettiest ring I could make with what I had and I’m pretty impressed.

Infinity Ring

Since the gauge I worked with was thicker than required to make the ring I ended up with a pinky ring that is just a bit ridged.

Ok, it’s a lot ridged, but it’s a beautiful piece and it fits.  I can’t ask for much more than that for a first try on both making an infinity symbol and sizing a ring.

I still have the copper wire to work with, but before I get farther into making jewelry, I think I need to grab some tools at the craft store.

I already have a plan.  Of course I will tell you what I have in mind….

I’m going to take a thicker gauge distressed copper wire and recreate this ring in a bracelet size.  I need a nylon hammer to make it correctly, so I’m off to the craft store again!  🙂

By the way, if you love my bracelets shown in the picture,  click here and I will tell you how to make one (or several)  for yourself.


Out With The Old

Before the day completely gets away from me, I wanted to stop by and wish everyone a safe and Happy New Year!!!  I hope you have plans to be with family and friends over the next couple of days.  One of my favorite things about New Years Day is my husband making wings for us to munch on while we watch all the football games.  It takes him hours to get a big tray of them done, but boy are they worth it!!

On that note, I will be heading out soon for the grocery store (and the liquor store) to prepare for tomorrow.  I wish it wasn’t so darn cold outside.  The sun is shining, but it’s deceiving….the temperatures might be out of the teens by now, but I doubt it.  I’ll resort to extra layers today and consider myself blessed that I can keep my hair a mess and throw it in a messy bun hat.

Since I am printing a master copy of my pantry list, grocery store list, and weekly meal planner today, I decided I will share those links with you so you can print them out.  It’s so helpful to grocery shop with a plan….especially when there are young children helping you shop.

Anyway, here is to keeping it all together in the New Year!  See you in 2018 🙂

Grocery Shopping List- All Out Of….from Life In Yellow

Pantry Essentials List-  Pantry Essentials by Moms Bistro

Meal Planning Weekly Sheet-  What’s For Dinner by Baked Bree


Recipe Card (full sheet):  Red Recipe Card by Printables by Design