Summer Teal Cross Body Bag

My obsession with pouches has moved on to the next level!  Over the pasSummer Purse Teal-Multi 4t month I have been trying some different stitch styles attempting to design a functional hand bag that would also be so uniquely mine.  It had to be a bag I would be excited to show the world.  After several near hits and a few miserable fails, I am thrilled to share this Summer  Cross Body  Bag.

I chose a cotton yarn because I thought that would be a great medium for a summer item.  Also, I tend to stitch loosely, so the cotton yarn should offer some stability and a little less stretch.  I do think that this bag would be beautiful no matter the yarn chosen.


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Perfectly Pretty Pouches

Necessity is the mother of all invention, right?  Well, that’s how this cute little pouch pattern came about.  I work in the restaurant industry and often have trouble keeping my cash in my apron.  One busy afternoon I was fighting to shove the wadPouches of loose bills deeper inside the pocket when I realized that it was only a matter of time before some of my hard earned money would slip out and hit the floor, so after a few failed attempts…..a perfectly pretty pouch.

The pattern is simple for beginners, can be made in a variety of sizes and the use of buttons/baubles is endless.  I wanted this particular pouch to be stretchy and durable so I opted to use worsted weight acrylic yarn.  Of course, there are several mediums that would work for this pattern and purpose.  If you choose cotton yarn, it will be durable and survive through endless washing, but it won’t be as stretchy as the acrylic yarn.  Using t-shirt yarn could be the best of both worlds and I will be trying that medium on the next pouch I create. Continue reading

Granny Square Comforter Cover

This wonderful little blanket was my colorful creation from last summer when I needed to keep my hands busy but didn’t want to cover myself with a lap full of yarn.  After all, when the temperatures rise above 60 degrees, no one who works with yarn wants to tackle a big blanket project.cropped-20170111_220552.jpg

Using an “H” hook and worsted weight yarn, I was able to create a mix and match of colorful combinations following the traditional granny square stitching.  The squares measured just over 6″ and I attached 10 squares to create one row and then ten rows to each other in order to create a perfect square piece.  I was fortunate enough that I did not have to do any blocking as the squares were almost perfectly sized and squared.  Because I wanted a  ridge showing the connection of squares, I used a single crochet joining stitch and then went around the entire outside of the piece in single crochet for a lovely finish.

If you are interested in creating a comforter cover for the cooler months or just to add a splash of color to your space, you can find the basic pattern under my projects page at .