There’s a Blizzard Comin!

Today and tonight I’ve been busy getting us ready to hunker down for a big storm blowin in tonight.

I’ll be posting tomorrow about an amazingly simple and gorgeous rug I made for my bedroom over the last few days.

For now I’m going to enjoy the quiet before the storm and start working on a rug for my kitchen!! Check back tomorrow and I’ll share my progress…

Until then, stay warm and Happy Hooking!!


It Starts with a Binder

I don’t know about you, but the first of every year has me scurrying around the house organizing everything that I deem looks chaotic.  Hubby never sees the chaos like I do, but he helps me when I ask and only complains when it involves hanging things on the wall…that is for another post.

Do you remember last week I mentioned that I had pushed aside the household stuff to get my patterns and postings in order before I do something awful…like repeat a posting!?!  If you know me then you already know that this a real possibility even after I have put every pattern in it’s place (which I haven’t by the way); but it’s January and that means I can’t put the household off any longer.

I should also mention that I can’t be creative about anything else as long as there is that pull to “get it together!”

That is why the majority of yesterday and today have been spent with my face planted in my phone while I researched everything Pinterest could offer me in the way of family organization, bullet journals, binders specializing in various subjects and project goals.

I may have gone a little crazy with printing forms and planners and dividers and covers…..I had to restock the printer…..twice.  What do I have to show for all that printer time?


I have more tools than I could ever want to use for my blog, but the family organizational binder I am working on is still a work in progress.  I would like to take some time to work with the things that are hot off the printer today and separate the useful from the not so useful forms.

When I have the binder completed and have an index that explains how everything works and where it’s located I will post again and share all the great links to free stuff I was able to use.

If you are feeling the need to get it together since it’s January again and you can’t wait for me to get myself together, then head over to my Pinterest boards and you can see some of the printables and ideas I am already working with there.  All the printables on the boards should be free, but if they aren’t just use keywords from the post in the search bar and you will find a ton of options.  Happy Hunting!

Did you create a binder or start a bullet journal recently?  I would love to hear about your work and how organizing this aspect of your life has been helpful.  Drop me a note and share some useful tips with me.  Lord knows I could use ’em.



It is finally snowing!!

My most favorite way to spend a winter Saturday is watching the snow fall and crafting!!

I’ve got some holiday drama playing in the background, but my focus is on a new sewing pattern for a Christmas gift….or a few. I bought a yard of fabric but it appears after tracing the pattern and cutting it out I maybe used 1/3 of the minky fabric. I’m already making plans for the extra.

For now I am really excited to see if this pattern comes together easily and quickly. I’ve never worked with the minky material so I’m going to do a little research on my machine settings before I get underway.

This gift is a surprise so I will have to wait just a few weeks to share the results.

For now, I am off to warm the coffee in my cup and make sure the little one bundles up before she heads out to play.

The Elsa Frozen Hat

It’s been two weeks since I last updated, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have some great items in the works or that I don’t have a wonderful pattern to share today….cause I do!  The projects I’ve been working on are gifts, so I’m not going to be able to post photos or patterns for a few weeks while I put the finishing touches on them and they are sent and received but I’m dying to!!!

I can share with you that one of my designs involves granny squares and an upcoming wedding, while two of the other items will be gifts for my beautifully pregnant DIL who is expecting her first child in the fall!!!  As you can imagine I am obsessed with all things baby right now and I can’t wait for these weeks to pass so I can meet my new grand-daughter!!

Since I can’t share the final products with you yet or give you any more hints than that, lets move on to the last project I wanted to share and aFrozen Hat wonderful pattern for a hat that anyone who loves the movie Frozen will also love….love….love.

Of course, following the release of Frozen all the retail stores were stocked with tons of items themed for Elsa and Anna.  Gracie, along with all the kids in her class,  were asking for all of it… know they were 🙂   Gracie was adamant about wanting an Elsa hat she saw for winter and although I said no to the $20 hat at the store, I set out to find a pattern and make one for her.

This is the end result and she loves it!!!

The pattern is here.  It’s so easy to follow and the results are spectacular.  This was the project that had me falling in love with Simply Soft yarn.  It’s an easy beginner pattern and finishes in a weekend or less, so…go visit Mango Tree Crafts to follow this pattern or check out her other works.   I hope you create one of these beautiful hats for someone you love….or for yourself.  If you do, I would love to see the end results.


Happy Hooking!


*Ava didn’t want the long braid on the hat, so I worked the pattern and finished it off before the instructions to work the braid.