My love of all things crafty began for me around age 12.  I have always enjoyed working with my hands to create something original, but the day I picked up a skein of yarn and created my first long chain of stitches, I was hooked (pun intended).  Before the internet opened up a world of tutorial videos and free patterns to work from, I admit I was a bit lost within my desire to create.  I can’t tell you how many of my family members and friends have received blankets and other gifts that I had dropped stitches on or the gauge was way off….like the baby blanket I made for my youngest daughter 10 years ago that fit a single twin sized bed when I was done.  Well, on the plus side I can say that a lot has changed over the years and I am a self-taught lover of crochet.  I hope this blog will not only serve as a place for me to store the huge variety of work that I am inspired to create, but will also inspire you to create.  Happy Hooking!