Shopping, Stitches and Projects

Last week I was able to¬†turn a request from my daughter into a trip to one of my favorite craft stores ūüôā¬† I’d call that a win any day!¬†We spent the better part of¬†a day last week just wandering around looking at all the cute¬†Spring d√©cor and projects the store was displaying.¬†¬†After putting a¬†decent¬†dent in the¬†budget with a yarnstravaganza, I started working on one of the projects I purchased supplies for.¬†Shopping Trip

The creation my daughter wants is a slightly larger than toddler sized backpack for my granddaughter to use in lieu of a diaper bag.  My granddaughter will be three in just a handful of weeks and she needs something that will carry a few pull-ups, wipes, a change of clothes, a cup, a toy or 10 and maybe a favorite stuffed animal.  The plan is to make something that will grow with her for a little while.  I decided to look up the average sizing for toddler backpacks and adult backpacks and come to a measurement that I hope will be sufficient without being too large for her to carry by herself.

I began the pattern and started writing it out as I was creating it.¬† I really just got started when I ran out of yarn….it’s the big beautiful skeins of t-shirt yarn and if you have looked locally in your town, I bet you have found the same limited selections I have.¬† My second trip to the craft store for more of the same yarn I was using proved unsuccessful.¬† I found yarn, but not in my color and although¬†the accent color would have been great for another project, it would not work for this one, so I had to table this project until¬†my store stocks more some time next week.¬† When I start this project up again I will be sure to post pictures¬†AND a pattern for you to use and I’m so excited to see how it will turn out.

In the meantime, I lost my cloth bag that I put my sunglasses in, so I needed to replace it quickly before I destroyed my super cute pair of sunglasses for this summer….and a¬†pouch pattern becomes extended into a perfect carrier for my sunglasses and a template for a wonderful woven cross body cellphone bag.¬† Sunglass Case

This bag seems indestructible because of how tight the weave pattern is.¬† Nothing…I mean nothing is going to fall out of the sides or between the stitches!¬† The stitch I used is called the Tunisian Stitch and boy does this stitch feed my OCD!!!!¬† I’m going to post¬†a link to the¬†tutorial for this slightly complicated stitch.¬† I would consider it at the very least an intermediate stitch to learn and work with.¬† The sunglass case I made is small enough that you won’t need the special hook that the tutorial call for, but you will need it if you love this stitch like I do and want to do larger projects…(I’m working on a purse for my daughter already!!)

I hope you grab some scrap yarn and just give this a try.¬† You might be surprised at how easy it is to pick up and work.¬† The woven pattern assures that you won’t drop a stitch…at least not without knowing it.¬†¬† If you do make anything, I’d love to hear about it and see your work, so message me in the comments below.¬† Happy Hooking!!

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