Summer Teal Cross Body Bag

My obsession with pouches has moved on to the next level!  Over the pasSummer Purse Teal-Multi 4t month I have been trying some different stitch styles attempting to design a functional hand bag that would also be so uniquely mine.  It had to be a bag I would be excited to show the world.  After several near hits and a few miserable fails, I am thrilled to share this Summer  Cross Body  Bag.

I chose a cotton yarn because I thought that would be a great medium for a summer item.  Also, I tend to stitch loosely, so the cotton yarn should offer some stability and a little less stretch.  I do think that this bag would be beautiful no matter the yarn chosen.


**Pattern to follow:

This pattern will be the first more detailed and multi-step pattern I have ever written.  I am going to take my time.  While I write out the pattern, I will create another bag to be sure that I can provide you with a complete and workable pattern.  For now, I’m attaching some photos so you can see what it looks like.

Summer Purse Teal-Multi 2

(I know the stitching for the lining is awful.  I don’t have the patience for hand sewing.  I’m trying to recruite my oldest daughter for the job, but since there’s no pay and the boss is kinda…well…bossy, I guess I better find a sewing machine and quick!)

Summer Purse Teal-Multi 3

This zipper was so worth the time to install.  It’s lightweight and hidden so it’s just perfect.  I think in other designs I can mix up the color combinations with the zippers but for this one I stayed with white.

Summer Purse Teal-Multi

Overall, I couldn’t be more pleased with the final product.  I hope to offer a variation of this Summer Cross Body Bag in colors and sizes for sale when I have an Etsy store up and running.



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