Perfectly Pretty Pouches

Necessity is the mother of all invention, right?  Well, that’s how this cute little pouch pattern came about.  I work in the restaurant industry and often have trouble keeping my cash in my apron.  One busy afternoon I was fighting to shove the wadPouches of loose bills deeper inside the pocket when I realized that it was only a matter of time before some of my hard earned money would slip out and hit the floor, so after a few failed attempts…..a perfectly pretty pouch.

The pattern is simple for beginners, can be made in a variety of sizes and the use of buttons/baubles is endless.  I wanted this particular pouch to be stretchy and durable so I opted to use worsted weight acrylic yarn.  Of course, there are several mediums that would work for this pattern and purpose.  If you choose cotton yarn, it will be durable and survive through endless washing, but it won’t be as stretchy as the acrylic yarn.  Using t-shirt yarn could be the best of both worlds and I will be trying that medium on the next pouch I create.

Because this pattern is so versatile, gauge is not terribly important.  My finished pouches are 6″ x 6″ square when I work my pattern using a “G” hook.  The piece is worked in the round until the flap is created.

Perfectly Pretty Pouch:


Tools Needed:

G Hook

Yarn (scraps, cotton, acrylic) about 50g

Tapestry Needle

Button/Bauble (if wanted)

Sewing thread/sewing needle

You will also need to know the following stitches:

Chain Stitch- Ch

Single Crochet Stitch- Sc

Single Crochet Decrease Stitch- Scdec


Begin with Chain 17.

Rd 1:  Sc in 2nd Ch from the hook and in each stitch across.  Do not turn your work, but continue Sc on the opposite side of foundation chain stitches. (32)

Rd 2-17: Sc in the round building up the piece as you go. When the piece measures roughly 6″ x 6″, end the round on a corner of the pouch. (32)

*At this point you can stop and not create the flap over piece and have a little pouch with  an open top.

Rd 18:  Ch1 and turn your work.  Sc 16, ch 1 and turn. (16)

Rd 19:  Sc across,  Ch 1 and turn. (16)

Rd 20:  *Scdec, sc next two , Scdec* repeat to end of row, Ch 1 and turn (12)

Rd 21:  Sc across, ch 1 and turn (12)

Rd 22: *Scdec, Sc next two stitches, Scdec* repeat to end of row, Ch 1 and turn (9)

Rd 23:   Sc across, ch 1 and turn (9)

At this point in the piece if you are using a button you will need to decide if you need to create a button hole in the piece or if the stitches will spread apart enough to fit your button through.  I stitch loosely, so I found that the buttons used in my pouches were fine to fit through the stitches without needing a dedicated button hole.  If you need to create a button hole here is a simple row to insert one:

* Sc to the middle of the flap, create a Ch big enough to fit your button through, Sc into the next stitch and across.  Ch 1 and turn.   Do an additional row of Sc across the piece before beginning a decreasing round

Rd 24:  Scdec across piece, fasten off.








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