Granny Square Comforter Cover

This wonderful little blanket was my colorful creation from last summer when I needed to keep my hands busy but didn’t want to cover myself with a lap full of yarn.  After all, when the temperatures rise above 60 degrees, no one who works with yarn wants to tackle a big blanket project.

Using an “H” hook and worsted weight yarn, I was able to create a mix and match of colorful combinations following the traditional granny square stitching.  The squares measured just over 6″ and I attached 10 squares to create one row and then ten rows to each other in order to create a perfect square piece.  I was fortunate enough that I did not have to do any blocking as the squares were almost perfectly sized and squared.  Because I wanted a  ridge showing the connection of squares, I used a single crochet joining stitch and then went around the entire outside of the piece in single crochet for a lovely finish.

If you are interested in creating a comforter cover for the cooler months or just to add a splash of color to your space, you can find the basic pattern under my projects page at .


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