2019 Ushers in a New Studio Space

This is my first writing since April of last year. 

I know I just disappeared, but I have a good reason for it. 

In May of 2018, Hubs and I had our offer accepted on a new home in a new town and so began the “Year of the House.”  Plans are already in the works to share the story of this adventure with you.  Don’t worry, it’s not your general fixer upper kinda story either.   Sure, it’s got all that, but with some dramas thrown in there only I can seem to find! 

Now, you know I didn’t just stop creating things over these last ten months and so I have a lot of small things to share with you that I made mostly in an exhausted state of mind with swollen hands and a happy heart.  Of course, I made gifts for family and friends for the holidays and I can’t wait to share photos and patterns for all of them (they were all free, too)!  

So, why am I not sharing now???

Well, here’s the thing….in this wonderful new home we own, I am finally able to dedicate a space solely for crafting and creating!!  My own studio!!! 

I am so excited to finish remodeling the space and getting it set for all the things I like to make.   It’s still in the works and probably won’t be finished until after Spring, but I’m not letting that stop me from launching a new blog and honoring my new studio. 

I’m going to retire Knot Your Way for now and start something different and I want to extend the invitation to you to join me.  If you have enjoyed the patterns and crafts I’ve shared with you at Knot Your Way, then keep your eye out for my new blog site:  Willow Day Studios!

Just like the new studio, the website is under some construction at the moment, but I expect it to be up in the next week or so and I will be sharing not only knotty things, but other stuff I do.

I’m still loving macrame and crocheting for cold weather, but I now have the room to work with my alcohol inks again, sea glass crafts, jewelery making and sun catchers!!  There is so much more….I haven’t even started talking about all the stuff I love to create in the kitchen or the garden (I’m thinking it’s time for a fairy space)!

I’m currently working on some cafe curtains for the studio space and they are just lovely!  The pattern I found is free and perfect for the new blog.

Look for this post and so much more at Willow Day Studios





Wind Catchers & Mobiles for Spring

It’s been a while since I wrote about my current obsession….wind catchers and mobiles for the home and garden.  I finished about 25 of them, but had trouble finding a good day over the last two weeks to take photos.  After what seemed like weeks of cloudy and severely windy days, I managed to eek out one day at a friends house to get some photos done.

So, without further adieu…

Driftwood Windcatcher.jpg

Fish Scale Wind Catcher 2.jpg

3 String Bead Windcatcher.jpg

Tassel Mobile.jpg

These are not the only wind catchers and mobiles I have created, so there will be more photos coming.  I’m currently working on “Spinners”, so when I have the chance to take some photos, I will post them too so you can marvel at the fact that I have been melting plastic steadily for 3 weeks and I can survive the smell….so far.

As with all of my creations, if you are interested in one for your home or garden, message me personally and we will work out the details and pricing.  I will make items to order with specific colors or you can ask for the rainbow.

Remember to subscribe to me, follow me on FaceBook, Google+, or Instagram.  I don’t post on a schedule (meaning you don’t get hit daily with updates)…..so you’ll want to follow me in order to not miss a single post.



Fish Scale Wind Catcher

I have finished the Tassel Wind Catcher I wrote about in my previous post .  It is gorgeous!!!  Dare I say this might be one of my most favorite pieces to date?!?  Oh, definitely in my top 5.  This wind catcher is also one of my bigger finished projects and I am struggling right now for good placement to showcase it in photographs…mostly due to the fact that Spring has not yet sprung in South Jersey.

While I try to figure this photography issue out, I thought I would take a minute to share what I’m up to today……

Fish Scale Wind Catcher 1.jpg

I’m so excited to be working with lots of colors still!!!

I found this funky piece of driftwood at the park a few weeks back and I wasn’t sure how I could use it for macrame work, so I had set it aside hoping I would be able to use it eventually and this morning when I saw it I knew it would be perfect for the next wind catcher I want to make.

The colorful pieces for this one are made from melting transparent pony beads.  The larger discs are shaped using a cupcake tin and the smaller melted pieces were set out individually on parchment paper.

***Don’t forget to create a well ventilated area where you are melting the plastic beads.  The fumes are awful!***

Fish Scales.jpg

In order to obtain the fish scale appearance, the beads will have to melt very flat which requires a hotter oven.  For this group of beads, the oven is set at 425 and I kept them in for almost 30 minutes.  The larger discs went in at the same temperature, but were finished melting at 22 minutes.  After the discs cooled, it was just a matter of drilling small holes for the fishing line to pass through.  I put two on each one of the smaller discs parallel to one another.

Now that I have all the supplies to create the wind catcher, I just need to sit down and get started.  Maybe while I am working on this one I can figure out a good way to photograph both so I can share them with you.


Bohemian Baby Mobile and More

Whenever I’m looking for a new craft, I start at my Pinterest boards and then I go through the supplies I have on hand.  Many of you know that I was blessed with the birth of a beautiful granddaughter in the late fall of last year and this latest piece was inspired by her beauty and the lovely way her Mom has decorated her nursery.

I admit I started out looking for a toy or a doll I could make for her to play with since she is on the move these days, but when I saw a photo of a bohemian baby mobile, I had to give it a try……and it came together nicely with items I already had on hand.

Bohemian Baby Girl Mobile.jpg

Isn’t it adorable?!?

The base is an old embroidery hoop I had on hand along with various mediums of fabric and thread.  The piece measures a little over 18″ in length from the hoop to the ends of the fabric.  I created the piece to hang in the nursery, but not directly over the crib.

It would be nice to say that it worked up quickly, but there was a lot of time in gathering all the supplies and cutting the fabric pieces as well as the knotting I did with most of the thread I put on the piece.  Overall, it took me three days to complete.

Of course, I can’t stop with just one mobile…..so now I’m working on one for my house.  It’s a tassel mobile I started right after I finished the Boho Baby Mobile and I love it so far, but it’s taking an enormous amount of time….

Boho Tassle Mobile.jpg

The handmade tassels are what is so time consuming.  I bought a tassel maker at the craft store to help, but it’s still a lot of work.  I have been making tassels in my free time for going on two weeks and I’m still not finished!

Today I will be finishing the last of the tassels I need to go around the hoop and I will  be adding either wood beads or plastic beaded sun catchers to it….probably both.  I plan for this piece to be longer and for the pieces to move in the wind.

I can’t wait to show off the completed work.  I will share finished photos later this week.  I hope it turns out as lovely as the Boho Baby Mobile did.  Check back to see my updates, or better yet, subscribe so you won’t miss a single post!

Happy Hooking!

Making Maja Beads

I’m drinking coffee this morning and waiting for the 4th and 5th Nor’easter storms to hit our area.  It’s the 1st day of Spring and weather stations are forecasting over a foot in some areas.  I want to believe it will just be rain….maybe it misses us all together???  Probably not, but one can always hope.

Originally the candles in my work space were lit for ambiance.  Now they are providing the light to work by as the storm moves in covering up the sun with thick dark clouds.  The plus of any big snow storm is the quiet it creates.  The perfect setting for good meditation.  I guess that makes today a perfect day to share what I created over the weekend….Maja beads.

Maja Beads-Purple Tassel

I love this set.  I used purple and white cording with a purple and white tassel attached.  I followed the steps I found here.  Not only is the article very informative, but the instructions make it easy to follow.

You know me….I started with items I have already on hand.  I made my own small modifications to account for that aspect, but it didn’t change the look or the use.  It did change the size and I have trouble wrapping it around my wrist to wear as a bracelet, but it makes a lovely accent piece as a necklace.  The beads are the perfect size for meditation.  I use this set the most, but I enjoyed making Maja beads so much I created two more sets in differing sizes to see how they would come out.

Maja Beads-Pink Tassel.jpg

The pink tassel set is slightly too large to be a bracelet.  I tend to hold the tassel and charms in my hand which isn’t always ideal when I’m out and about, but I love how this one turned out and I wear it as a necklace often.   I have tried to meditate with it and the beads are a little small in my opinion, but I think when I have practiced meditation longer they will be wonderful.

Maja Beads-Maroon Tassel.jpg

Obviously this one is extra-large and I hung it over my meditation space because I love it as a wall hanging.  I will probably add a large stone and a large charm to it, I just haven’t made it to the craft store…..stupid Nor’easter!

The snow is falling now so I know it won’t be all rain as I had hoped.  I think I’ll make a cup of hot tea and meditate* before the chaos of a big snowfall begin.



*meditate on how I don’t want another school closing….meditate on how I want the power to stay on….mediate on how chilly it is sitting on the floor…meditate on…

Macrame Wall Hangings

I guess it’s been about a month since I started my addiction to macrame.  In that time, I have managed to complete three wall hangings.  I wanted to share them with you and see what you think.

I did all the workings free-handed and I don’t have any patterns to share since I’m learning as I go.  Also, when I started pricing cotton cording specific for macrame I almost fell over at the cost.  I did order a small amount to work with on my second wall hanging, but material costs have pushed me to look for other mediums for projects.  I’ll give my reviews on the materials as I work with them.

So….what I have learned so far about macrame is that there are only a few basic knots to learn and once you master tying knots and how they come together it’s easy working from there.  You will need something to attach your macrame work on (in my case it is driftwood), you will need your chosen cordage and plan for about triple the amount of your completed piece size; and finally….bring your creativity.  You can add beads, cuffs, feathers, paper cutouts and more!

Alright, let me show you what I’ve made so far:

The first one is a double patterned hanging.  I used nontraditional cording for both sides of the work and I share it with mixed reviews.  I like how cotton clothesline knots straight and clean, but I don’t like the way the bottoms fray when the piece is cut.

The darker side was made using cotton thread I have used for some crochet projects.  I like the way the material holds together and there is no fraying on the ends.  The way I finished the ending knots has created a clumping of cords at the base of the piece, so I don’t love that either.

I guess for this piece my favorite part of it is the beautiful driftwood I used to hold the pieces together.  One of the perks of living by the Delaware River…..lots of free driftwood to work with 🙂

Macrame Double Wall Hanging

My second wall hanging is by far my favorite.  I found this wonderful piece of dark red driftwood with amazing ends on it.  I saved it specifically for working with true cotton cording for macrame.

This piece was made using 100 yards of 3mm natural cotton cord.  It was about $20 for the cord with shipping.  It didn’t take too much time to put together either.  I really do love this piece.  I found a vendor on Amazon that sells the cording from 1mm-6mm in large spools, so when I begin working on larger projects, I can order the cording in any size I need.  I didn’t do a lot of price comparisons, so I would encourage you to shop around if you are thinking about starting macrame projects of your own.

Just look how lovely the piece is:

Macrame Wall Hanging 1


Macrame Wall Hanging 1-A

I just love the ends of this driftwood branch!  I also love the color.   It’s not every trip I find driftwood with this color….I wish I did though.

Alright, the third wall hanging I made is for candles or even as another planter/sprout jar.  I wanted to work with jute cording since I can get my hands on it with out having to wait for shipping.  I’ll show you first and then tell you about it.

Jute Cord Candle Holder

So, I thought jute would be painful to work with since the cording has a rough texture to it, but that wasn’t an issue.  The cording works up very nice.  It holds a great knot that looks thick and beautiful.  The piece is sturdy and I can’t wait to put some tea lights in it and light up the porch when the weather gets warmer.

I could see making more jute corded projects, but they will all be for outside.  I don’t know if it was just this brand of jute I worked with or if I can expect all of them to have a putrid petroleum smell.  It was awful…..made me sick to my stomach.  I turned on the fan in the room and it helped, but it was still pretty disgusting.  After I hung it up and took photos, I hurried it out to the porch where three days later it still smells…….a lot.

So, I hope you found the post inspirational and informative.  I am still searching for some wonderful cord options to work with over the next month.  I ordered a bulk supply of rat tail cording in a variety of colors.  I didn’t have any real project in mind, but I hope to find some creative uses for it once I arrives.

If you are working with macrame in any form, I would love to hear your stories of success and failure in your pieces and in your choices of material.  I will be posting more creations this month, so if you aren’t subscribed, click the follow button and make sure you don’t miss a single post.


Macrame Plant Hangers & Sprout Jars

For me, it was only a natural progression to move from working with knots and beads for jewelry to doing the same thing on a larger scale and dive into the world of macrame!

After having already made a ton of beaded bracelets and anklets,  I’m growing bored with creating the same pieces over and over.  Time to look for inspiration on Pinterest.  I did add some wonderful key ring  photos I found, but it wasn’t sparking my creativity like I wanted.

You know I’ve always believed that the best crafts to make are the ones born out of necessity and I don’t really need key rings right now……so, looking around I thought about what I could do with materials on hand to improve the look of the space and feed my need to be creative.

Well, there is a beautiful spider plant hanging above my work desk from the plastic hanger it came with when I bought it last summer at the store…it is pretty awful…love the plant….hate the hanger…

I want to make a plant hanger like the ones my Mom had in the house when I was younger, but I’m going to need some help deciphering the photos I pinned since most of them don’t come with instructions.

I settled on a YouTube video tutorial about plant hangers using recycled t-shirts knowing that there is a bag in the closet overflowing with old clothing and I also have one metal clasping ring just perfect for holding the weight of a plant.

That means I can make one for free with recycled household materials and I love that!

My First Plant Hanger.jpg

I made my first hanger with cotton clothesline and it isn’t quite right.  It works, but I didn’t tie the knots in the correct groups and it’s making the hanger a big unstable.  I also don’t love the way the clothesline frays at the cut.

My second plant hanger is my articles feature photo and it’s my favorite so far!!  I love that I made it for free with an old t-shirt and a lovely container I had sitting in storage.

The sprout jars I made were an opportunity for me to work with other materials and it gave me the chance to scale my work to a smaller size.  I was also able to put some lovely driftwood pieces to use and some beads that were too small to thread onto the larger cording.



I even went so small I used cotton twine and made some smaller sprout jars that won’t hold the wide mouth jars….only jelly jars.

Sprout Jar 2Sprout Jar 1

I love these little pops of green around the house in places that might be too small or too impractical for a larger house plant.  I’m also able to save more of the spider plants sprouts instead of tossing them when I prune.  These would make really nice housewarming gifts or a last-minute gift when visiting with friends.  You could use the jar for a small candle or fresh cut flowers.

Do you want a project that will have a small impact on your wallet and a big impact in your house? Then grab some t-shirts you don’t like any more, unhook an extra key ring from your house keys, search YouTube for video help or Pinterest for inspiration.  You will have a mastered this skill in no time at all.

I’ll be sharing some of the other macrame pieces I’ve made in upcoming posts.  If you don’t want to miss a moment of my crafting obessions, then hit subscribe and join me on my journey.